7 de junho de 2018

7 Best Setting Powder 2018

Hello hello gorgeous people,
All women want their makeup to remain intact throughout the day and for this we have to use products suitable for our skin type. Heat is the worst enemy and to make the makeup does not melt and last longer, the compact powder or loose powder is our best friend. It matifies the foundation and the concealer so that there are no breaks, giving a smooth appearance.
Today I bring you some loose powders ...
Ever heard of baking? Basically it's cooking our face :p
Although I know what it is, I never did and never used any of these translucent powders. I chose to do a research and I count on your help in the comments that you share with me if you use any of these options and which would you recommend. I would like my skin to stay immaculate as long as possible and feel that I need a product of these to help me.
To begin with, we can choose powder with color or translucid. And what is the best way to apply it? With sponges (beauty blender type) or with brushes. I have sponges and powder brushes so it will not be a problem.
Read more to see my 7 best setting powder 2018 selection:

Too Faced - Born This Way Setting Powder
A finish so natural that everyone will think that it was born this way. A light and silky powder that promotes long-lasting make-up. This powder fixative creates a luminous veil that refines the look of a natural finish. - The universal tone is suitable for all skin tones. - Illuminates the appearance of a luminous veil. - Hyaluronic acid gives the skin a smoother, younger appearance.

Fixing face powder and opacifier that eliminates the shiny effect of the skin.
The texture of the powder creates a transparent veil with opaque finish. In application, it adheres perfectly to the skin and gives the face a delicate and impalpable "second skin" effect. It is soft to the touch and pleasantly velvety.
The powder is easily applied with the soft sponge integrated in the base of the lid.
Ideal for all skin types, especially for shiny and / or oily skin. The powder is also perfect for quick retouching during the day. It does not dry the skin.

  • Oil-free;
  • Modern Matte Finish;
  • Soft-Focus Effect for a More Flawless Look;
  • It is a very light product and keeps your face matte all day long.
I always have some care with the products that I apply on my skin and those that are too cheap and that are not sold properly in cosmetics stores make me more reticent before buying them, but I have heard very well about this banana powder.
Some features: Flawless look and it doesn't sink into fine lines. Worth a try, only costs 4€.

The Make B. Lumina Collection Matte Touch Translucent Powder comes with an inner sponge and has an ultra-thin texture and matt velvety finish that removes oil from the skin.

  • Fits any skin tone;
  • Velvety finish;
  • Ultrafine texture.

To take out the shine and give a velvety and velvety touch to any tone of skin, you can count on this loose powder.
With it you remove that annoying glow from the skin at any time! in addition, the texture is superfinite and adapts to any skin tone.

CATRICE - Nude Illusion Transparent Matt

  • Matifies the skin perfectly; 
  • Absorbs excess sebum without re-sealing the skin;
  • Gives the skin a velvety effect;
  • A universal tone for all skin types and tones.

Do you like it?
Kisses and until the next post.

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